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Unconventional Wisdom: Putting the WHY Before the WHAT of Presentation Design


There’s really not much good on television anymore. So, I enjoy some down time outside of work and entertain myself by designing slide decks. I just uploaded my second to SlideShare. While it’s all fun, there’s a purpose here too, and for me, it’s to practice what I’ve been learning about data visualization, information design, and presentations. There’s certainly no paucity of engaging, compelling source material available out there.  I’m so excited that just as I finished this project, the newest issue of New Directions for Evaluation (a publication of the American Evaluation Association (AEA)) – a Special Issue on Data Visualization – was released online and features the work of some of my favorite evaluators, data visualization experts, and information designers. You can read all of the abstracts here

Click here to view my first slide deck, along with an example of a “before” slide I actually used.

Now, on with the show!

Thanks for watching!

Author: Sheila B Robinson, Ed. D

Custom Professional Learning, LLC

2 thoughts on “Unconventional Wisdom: Putting the WHY Before the WHAT of Presentation Design

  1. Slide 27: “People need engaging visuals with time built in to process information chunks.”

    Well said! That’s one reason why you need to pause.

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